1. Full payment is required to make a reservation.

2. A Reservation Fee of $10.00 per site is non-refundable.

3. A Cancellation Fee of $10.00 will be applied to all cancellations.

4. A non-refundable Change Fee of $10.00 will be applied to the following:
- Changing sites, Change of arrival date or Change ofdeparture date. (Exception: when adding nights).

5. Check out time is 11:00 am (3:00 pm for golfers on the August long weekend).

6. Check in time is any time after 2:00 pm.

7. Online reservations will be accepted starting the second Monday in January. Reservations will be processed in the order they are received. Upon acknowledgement that a site is available, the non-refundable Reservation Fee(s) and full payment of reservation(s) will be charged to a valid credit card (VISA or MasterCard) to guarantee the reservation. Telephone reservations will begin at 8:00 am on the Friday of the May Long Weekend.

8. "No-Show" - If you do not arrive at the campground by 12:00 pm on the second day of your stay, and if you have not contacted the park to inform them of your late arrival, you will be deemed a "No-Show". You will be charged the non-refundable Reservation Fee and 2 nights camping. Your site will be released as of 12:00 pm of the second day of the reservation, thereby terminating your reservation.

9. If a reservation is cancelled, with a minimum of 48 hours notice, a refund of Camping Fees will be issued less the $10.00 non-refundable Reservation Fee and the $10.00 Cancellation Fee. The Camping Fees can only be refunded to the credit card used in the original transaction. No exceptions. If not cancelled within the allowable time frame then you must pay for 2 nights plus the $10.00 Cancellation Fee and the $10.00 non-refundable Reservation Fee. LONG WEEKEND RESERVATIONS (May, July, August & September) - No refund will be issued for long weekend reservations.

10. If you decide to check out early, then you must contact the PARK OFFICE/PARK ENTRY before 11:00 am with a
minimum of 48 hours notice prior to departure for a refund of your remaining stay. If not cancelled within the allowable time frame you must pay for 2 nights stay plus the $10.00 Change Fee.

11. Only 1 Recreational Vehicle (bumper-hitch, motorhome, fifth-wheel, camper van, tent trailer) and 1 tent are allowed per site. If there is no Recreational Vehicle (bumper-hitch, motorhome, fifth-wheel, camper van, tent trailer), then you are allowed to have 2 tents per site. Upon APPROVAL FROM THE PARK ADMINISTRATOR, extra tents may be set up. Any extra tents will be charged $10.00 per night, per tent.

12. The Seasonal Regional Park Passes are transferable between vehicles provided only one vehicle is in the park at a time. If both of your vehicles are in the park at the same time then you must have either TWO Seasonal Regional Park Passes or 1 Seasonal Regional Park Pass and 1 Day Pass (for each day of your stay). Please note that motorized vehicles that are being towed into the park, behind a motorhome, for example, must still have a park pass. You will be charged a ONE TIME $8.00 day pass for the towed vehicle to be in the park no matter the length of stay.

13. The Outlook & District Regional Park has the right to change your site at anytime without prior notice.

14. In the event of a conflict of a reservation the park will use its best efforts to provide the camper with a campsite with
equal services. If the service cannot be provided then the park will adjust the cost based on the overflow rate. No refunds will be issued unless a regular site or an overflow site is not available.

15. Campers using a golf cart in the park must follow all rules and bylaws set by the Outlook & District Regional Park. Failure to follow these rules and bylaws will result in eviction from the park.

** Due to restricted access, only camping units 18 feet and under will be allowed in the sites 81-84 on the north side of the park.


I Agree to the Outlook & District Regional Park Policy stated above.

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By clicking the "I Agree" button you also understand that no outside firewood is allowed to be brought in Outlook Regional Park boundaries, and no trees within Outlook Regional Park boundaries are to be cut down for firewood.

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